No phoning home!

One of the reasons that I created PickSync was that, although I was aware of commercial backup software, I could never be completely sure of what – exactly – was actually being copied or overwritten.   Were files being needlessly copied – backing up the backup files?  And was some text being lost because no automatic means can tell, in the general case, whether a difference between two files was due to an addition in file A or a deletion in file B (in a simple case, compare dates: but if both files may have been edited independently, all bets are off).

Similarly, suppose a file appears in only one of two otherwise similar folders – was it created in folder A or was it deliberately deleted from folder B?  I didn’t trust any app I knew to get this right, reliably and invariably.

This paranoia meant that I wanted to be able to see for myself exactly what was happening.  All the other added flexibility and power user features followed.

The same paranoia means that I intensely distrust software that “phones home” – accesses the internet under program control.  A user cannot then be sure what is being transmitted, or in which direction.

I have therefore not provided any “Automatic Update” (or even a “Manual Update”) function.  PickSync only accesses the internet in two special cases, both ONLY as a result of a clear and express user request:

  • The’ Help | Visit Website’ option will open the home page of this website in your browser, if you wish.
  • The ‘Get registration code’ button will try to set up a standard form email message to me, requesting a code.  Even then, it will not send it.  It will wait for you to enter your name, and you must yourself then click ‘Send’ in the message before it is actually sent.  So it is the user, and not PickSync, that actually sends the message.

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