What – exactly – is installed?

When installing a new application, I like to know what it does to my computer – the extent to which I trust it depends in part on how much detail is provided.  So it seems right to be candid here about what PickSync installs.

The PickSync setup program is created using Inno Setup, a very widely respected installation builder.  Inno also provides an uninstaller, which does a splendid job of removing everything that it originally installed.  Though I hope you never need it, knowing that it’s there should give you the confidence to install in the first place.

The setup program does the following:

  • It creates a new subfolder, …\PickSync, in your Windows Programs folder (usually C:Program Files).  Into this it places:
    • PickSync.exe, the application itself.
    • PickSync-help.chm, the Help file.
    • PickSync_licence.txt and PickSync_readme.txt, self-explanatory text files.
    • ShellBrowser.dll, a utility needed to manage the left and right folder trees.
    • unins000.exe and unins000.dat, the uninstaller.
  • It creates a data folder, …\PickSync, in your application data folder (usually C:Users[username]AppDataRoaming).
      • PickSync.ini is placed here.  This contains details of your preferences (including Favourite folder pairs).  It is updated when the program is closed, and backed up to a file PickSync.ini.bak.
  • It creates a program group, PickSync, in your Windows Start menu, which contains links to:
    • The program itself, and
    • Its uninstaller.
  • Finally, it may create a link on your desktop and/or a quick launch icon: these are options offered during setup.

All of the above are completely removed if PickSync is uninstalled.  So please now install it with confidence: what are you waiting for?


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