The November 2014 update

The new (November 2014) version of PickSync consolidates a number of new features added over the summer, after extensive testing on my own systems (including using PickSync for regular backing-up of its own source code!).

The principal new features include:

  • The “Rename” option (right-click a file name and choose rename) now enables files on both sides of the grid to be renamed simultaneously.  Rename both the main and backup copies of a file in a single operation.
  • Better yet, the “Multiple Rename” option enables renaming of a group of files in one operation.  Add a descriptive prefix or suffix, or replace a phrase within a filename with another.  “DSC00###” becomes “Holiday in Venice 00###”.  Again, do this to files on both sides of the grids simultaneously.  Do this to files you saved long ago.
  • The “Picture Viewer” window now correctly shows images in the correct orientation (landscape/ portrait/inverted), reading data embedded by the camera.
  • The “Picture Viewer” window now permits zooming and panning of images.  Click the zoom button, then hold the mouse down and move around to pan in the zoomed image.
  • Various UI improvements, some tweaks, and some polish.

All of these supplement PickSync’s core feature – the comparison of folder contents and the ultra-simple copying of files between them.

PickSync ss-All of PickSync’s best and unique features are still available:

  • Favourite pairs of folders – saving of a pair, and easy choice of a saved pair.
  • Versatile selection of files displayed (all/same/different, or only those which need to be updated).
  • Safe Mode, enabling all operations to be simulated without making any changes to disk contents.

Anyone who does not completely trust cloud storage should use PickSync for local backup!

PickSync also provides an uninstaller – I hope you won’t want to use it, but you should feel confident to install the program knowing that you can remove it completely if you don’t wish to keep it on your system.



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