The 1st January 2015 build

New Year, new build.  I uploaded it on 1st January 2015, having spent a little time reviewing and consolidating over the Xmas break .  I wanted to mark the New Year with a thoroughly polished PickSync, gleaming and solid like Carrara marble (see image below).

And I think it is (mind you, it was pretty good already).

What’s changed since the November 2014 build?  To be more specific:

  • Pan and zoom in the picture viewer  – added scroll tabs when the image is enlarged.
  • Animated gif viewing – at actual, enlarged or reduced sizes.  PickSync is a terrific animated gif viewer.
  • Option to merge both sides of the grid when saving the file list as a text file.
  • Additional preset options in multiple rename function.
  • Significantly revised help file.
  • Found workaround for .net feature (I say bug) ignoring ampersand character when filename includes one.
  • Fixed problem with keyboard shortcuts sometimes not working in picture viewer.
  • General cosmetic UI improvements and simplifications.

Of course, I still love feedback.  Please do let me know of anything you think could be fixed changed or improved.  Thank you and best wishes for 2015!

PickSync & Marble



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