Changelog – the latest version

A history of detailed changes in recent releases:

(starting in 2015 as a nominal baseline: the earliest build of all (not released publicly) was in 1996):

Version 17.10 (2017 Oct 01)

  • Deletion of a folder is enabled, but only if the folder is empty (no files or subfolders)
  • Dragging a file name out of the grid is enabled – which permits file or filename copying, but not moving the file away
  • Renaming – Rename form default button is selected side only (rather than both sides) if the file names on each side are the same but the files themselves are different
  • Renaming – Double-clicking upper textbox in the Rename Multi form repeats the most recent entries
  • Copying or moving a file – if there is a file name conflict where the file name already exists in the target folder, there is now a clearer indication of which of source or target file is “Newer” or “Bigger”
  • Remove Empty Subfolders – always show the folder in the visible area of the grid when offering to remove it
  • New Command line parameter “-nf” [= No Fill] – don’t fill (‘refresh’) the grid content when starting up
  • New Command line parameters “–” or “//” mean ignore remaining arguments, treat as commented out
  • Bugfix – “Select All” button no longer includes information rows
  • Bugfix – Correct behaviour when picturebox is minimised while in Zoomed mode
  • ShellBrowser component has been updated to most current version 5.40
  • Many minor UI tweaks and enhancements, code simplifications and polish

Version 16.09 (2016 September 30)

Version numbering will now track the year and month.

Minor bugfixes and UI polish: including

  • Picture viewer window will retain zoom level from the previous image
  • Status bar will show name of file on the unselected side, if the row on the selected side is empty
  • If renaming a file fails and the user retries, the (failed) new name is shown again so that the user can fix it
  • During a multiple copy, move, or delete, if one file fails the user can choose to proceed with the rest

2016 January 01 – New year, new build

A few additional facilities (little features that I found to be useful to me), more polish, and a couple of fixes to minor bugs – because New Year is a time for renewal, and here a time to consolidate and release these changes out into the world.

  • New keyboard shortcut ‘\’ or ‘|’ : Find next row with matching names, but different size/date properties
  • Copy To / Move To form now has a dropdown menu to select previously used folders
  • View | Show previous messages will now show several previous ones, not just the very last one
  • Navigation characters < and > (find next file to copy) can also be used within the Picture viewer
  • Picture viewer window – keyboard + and – will change zoom level (registered users only)
  • Picture viewer window – bugfix – ignore left/right arrows if in single column mode
  • File filter – bugfix – no longer highlighted when doesn’t have keyboard focus
  • Thumbs tab – bugfix – clear the right-hand thumbnail if in single column mode
  • Double-clicking the file filter to reset to “*.*” will also immediately refill the grid
  • Fix to address nomenclature changes in Windows 10

2015 May 04 (Star Wars day – “May the fourth be with you”)

This was a general bugfix and UI enhancement/polish release.  PickSync is still the finest file synchronisation utility in the federation, whether your loyalty lies with the imperial powers or the rebel alliance.  Or if you’re just a Windows power user who wants a superb tool.

  • Searching – Added new search option – search in the selected side only
  • Searching – drop the “search from top” option as unnecessary
  • Searching – Search always places found row in visible portion of grid
  • Rename multi – ensures each file row is visible – and shows in picbox if open – as it is renamed
  • Rename multi – now will not apply any text-replace rule to the file extension
  • Rename multi – now offers chance to retry with different rule after error
  • Rename multi –now preserves different upper/lower case on each side to the extent possible when not replacing characters in the file name
  • Rename multi – Ensure status strip will always update immediately after rename
  • CopyTo/MoveTo form – separate last-recent-used folders for left and right side of grid
  • Picture viewer window – Selectable zoom levels (registered users only)
  • Picture viewer window – Fixed crash if a .gif file had been misnamed as .jpg
  • Picture viewer window – Close quickly with Esc key (“Boss Key”)
  • File Name Filter – Don’t match on 8.3 filenames (workaround for Windows legacy annoyance/ issue)
  • Can now drop folders into areas of grid below the list of files if that list does not take up the whole area
  • Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-End  move focus & selection to the first / last entry in grid
  • Warn if a folder listed in the grid has ceased to exist (e.g. usb drive removed, folder renamed)
  • Updated component to its latest version 5.2.1
  • Extended expiry date of this release to 31 December 2015

2015 January 01

Baseline release, new version for the new year.  Future changes will be recorded relative to this version – because I’m proud of it and of all the work that went into it.


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