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You can download the following from here :

  • PickSync-setup.exe : the latest SETUP file. This will install PickSync (including the help file) on your Windows system.
  • PickSync-help.pdf : the latest HELP file, in pdf format.  This self-standing file can be opened in Windows just like any other document, and so you can download and read it to learn all about PickSync – without installing anything or making any changes to your computer.

Note that the current version of PickSync will expire after 31st December 2018, after which it will only run in ‘Safe mode’.  An updated version will be available here before then, and will be installable over an existing version without altering any settings.

There is a facility for registration, which is encouraged but not obligatory.  When registering, you can also let me have any comments, bug reports, or suggestions for improvements, for which I will be most grateful.


The setup program installs simply and quickly under any of Windows  7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Setup needs the Microsoft .NET Framework (version 4 or above) to be present on your computer.  It is already built into the above versions of Windows, so installing PickSync is easy – run the setup file.  It just works.

Setup also works with Windows Vista, Windows XP and even Windows 2000, but the Microsoft .NET Framework was not an integral part of WinXP or Win2k and v.4 was not supplied with Vista.  The setup program therefore provides a link to the .NET Framework install program provided by Microsoft, and prompts for it to be run.  So it’s all really easy-peasy here too.

FAQ (Frequently* Asked Questions)

What – exactly – will be installed on my computer?

See the blog entry “What – exactly – is installed?” in the ‘Blog’ tab for full details.

Note that there is of course an uninstaller, which will completely remove PickSync from your system.  I hope that you won’t, but you should feel confident to install it, knowing that you could easily uninstall it again if you wanted to.

I really like your program, how can I pay for it?

Don’t worry, that facility is coming soon…

Meanwhile, you can donate (please!) – see the Feedback tab at this website.

May I see the source code?

No.  Unless you would like to buy the copyright in it outright.  But I’ve worked hard on it and I sure ain’t cheap.

Guy Burkill hoc fecit – © MMXVII

* ‘allegedly’ 😉

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